Complete Eligibility Requirements

Why You Need to Apply

Each school or department on campus has its own procedures for graduation. Some school recorders may need to handle licensing or certification, for example. And many students decide during their senior year to take a few extra classes to earn a certificate or minor. So if you’re completing your degree and wish to graduate, you must declare your intent. Refer to step one of the checklist below for more information.


Already applied to graduate? Now it’s time to ensure you've met all requirements to complete your degree and participate in Commencement. Follow the steps listed below to help you stay on track.

Double-Check These Things:

  1. Check with your school recorder to verify your eligibility. 

    Find Your School Recorder
  2. Verify that your degree name is accurate at Student Central. The spelling and formatting of your name indicated there—including apostrophes, suffixes, middle names, and spaces—will be used on your diploma and in the program book.

    Verify Your Degree Name
  3. Verify or update your mailing address on Student Central. Your diploma will be mailed to you after Commencement. If your mailing address is on-campus and you’re moving out before or immediately after graduation day, update your address to someplace you trust, like a workplace, your family’s address, or a new residence. Though your diploma is sent after the ceremony, every graduate who attends Commencement will receive a lovely diploma cover.

    Double-Check Your Address
  4. Check for record holds. Resolve any holds on your record that may impact the release of your diploma or transcripts such as an unpaid bill with the bursar. You can pay your bursar bill and check that you’re in good standing via One.IU. Other holds include parking tickets and record holds that may be in place with your student loan provider.

    Check for Record Holds