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Safety Screening

Indiana University operates Commencement venues in accordance with best practices for guest safety as recommended by Indiana University Public Safety. These practices include the use of magnetometer screening for events such as games, major concerts, and Commencement.

  • Upon arrival at the venue, guests walk through metal detectors.
  • Guests are permitted to bring a clear bag that is approximately the size of a one-gallon freezer bag or a small clutch approximately the size of a hand. Diaper bags and those containing medical necessities are permitted. Bags are inspected by trained security staff.
  • To ensure that all attendees have an unobscured viewing of the ceremony and graduates, signs, flags, placards, and banners are not permitted. Additionally, packages, wrapped gifts, noise makers, weapons, balloons, and outside food and beverage are prohibited.
  • Similarly, graduating students are screened upon arrival at the graduate robing and lineup location.

This policy reflects similar policies at universities and professional venues around the country. For more information, contact