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Types of Gowns

A young female graduate wearing her undergraduate gown and mortarboard, with both IU's stole of gratitude, the Neal Marshall Black Culture Center kente stole, and honor cords.

Bachelor’s and Associate Gowns

The bachelor’s and associate gowns have a closed front and open sleeves.

Candidates for bachelor’s and associate degrees also receive a crimson Stole of Gratitude, embellished with the Indiana University seal, which they wear during the ceremony.

A male graduate student from the Kelley School of Business, wearing master's graduation attire, waves to the audience. The unique style of his gown's sleeve is on display.

Master’s Gowns

The master’s gown has extra long, closed sleeves, with a small opening at the wrist. The end of the sleeve is square, with an arc cut away just above the bottom.

A female doctoral student, with her hair modestly covered, wears the velvet gown, tam, and doctoral hood accented with School of Medicine kelly green.

Doctoral Gowns

The doctoral gown has velvet panels down the front and voluminous, bell-shaped sleeves. Each sleeve has three velvet bars. The velvet is usually black, but may reflect the color of the discipline.

Arts & Sciences WHITE
Business DRAB
Education LIGHT BLUE
Informatics, Computing, and Engineering COPPER
Music PINK
Optometry AQUA
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) ROYAL BLUE
Public and Environmental Affairs PEACOCK BLUE
Public Health SALMON
Social Work CITRON

Faculty hoods, tassels, and sashes

If you have a Ph.D. from IU, you’ll wear a royal blue hood and gold tassels. If you’ve received a Ph.D. from somewhere else, your regalia will reflect that institution.

If you have a bachelor’s or master’s degree, you’ll wear regalia that reflects your highest degree and the granting institution.

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