Upcoming Ceremonies

It Will Be Here Before You Know It

Plans for Commencement start well in advance, and so should your plans to attend. Get the dates of ceremonies for the next few years so you’ll be ready when your graduation day comes—and it will be here before you know it! And don’t forget to share with family and friends so they can make plans to join the celebration.

  • Friday, May 3, 2024: Graduate ceremony
  • Saturday, May 4, 2024: Undergraduate ceremony
  • Tentative Saturday, December 21, 2024: all degree candidates

  • Tentative Friday, May 9, 2025: Graduate ceremony
  • Tentative Saturday, May 10, 2025: Undergraduate ceremony
  • Tentative Saturday, December 20, 2025: all degree candidates

See the Ceremony from Anywhere

You can still join the celebration even if you can’t make it to Commencement in person! Look for the live stream link in the top corner of the website on the day of the ceremony so you can watch from anywhere.