Apply to Graduate

Take this very important step

You’re so close to finishing your degree, but there’s one more thing you need to do: Apply to graduate. This final step will ensure that your name is printed in the Commencement program and you receive important updates about the ceremony. Even if you don’t attend the ceremony—and you definitely should—you still need to apply to graduate to receive your diploma.

It’s critical you apply to graduate during the semester before you intend to finish all your credits and requirements.

  • Apply to graduate before these dates:
    • Spring (May) graduation: October 15
    • Summer (August) graduation: January 15
    • Fall (December) graduation: May 15

You must apply to graduate before the deadline in order to guarantee your name will appear in the Commencement program.

Each school or department has its own procedures and deadlines for applying. Do it early in your final year—if not before—to avoid missing your school’s deadline. If you applied to graduate on a previous date, but did not graduate, you must reapply.

See how to apply through your school recorder

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More to know about applying to graduate

Why you need to apply

Each school or department on campus has its own procedures for graduation. Some school recorders may need to handle licensing or certification, for example. And many students decide during their senior year to take a few extra classes to earn a certificate or minor. So if you’re completing your degree and wish to graduate, you must declare your intent.

What to do if you apply and are denied

First, make sure you meet all of the eligibility requirements—including paying your bursar bill—to make sure your application is approved. Then, contact your school directly with questions.

After you apply, be sure to order your cap and gown

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