Doctoral Hooding

Hooding instructions

When your school is called forward by the provost, stand with your hooder and follow the directions of the marshals, who will lead you toward the stage.

Hooders are directed to platforms in front of the stage to await their students. Students who are not accompanied by a mentor are directed by the marshals after they process across the stage.

Students climb several steps to the stage. Please contact us if you have any difficulty climbing stairs.

Each candidate presents his or her name cards to the reader and sign language interpreters, who will introduce the candidate. Candidates then process across the stage, shaking hands with the president, the provost, the dean of the University Graduate School, and the dean of the school in which the student has completed a degree. When degree candidates leave the stage, they will proceed to the area on the floor in front of the stage and be hooded by a mentor or by a faculty marshal.

For the hooding, candidates should remove their caps and face away from the mentor or marshal, who places the hood over the candidate’s head. Once hooding is complete, the student and the mentor return to their seats.

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