ADA Accommodations

Accessibility for graduates and guests

Specially trained Commencement organizers provide a number of services for graduates and guests with special needs. We urge you to let us know if you or a member of your party requires assistance on Commencement Day.

We also ask for your patience. With many thousands attending each ceremony, it can take extra time and effort to make sure that guests in wheelchairs and with limited mobility enjoy the day and are comfortable.

Making prior arrangements

Guests with wheelchairs: prior arrangements required

Guests who use wheelchairs must make reservations in advance for special parking passes and seating arrangements. Arrangements are made for access to certain parking and seating areas, not for specific parking spaces or seats.

For an IU Commencement accessibility parking pass or to make seating arrangements, please contact Commencement Accessibility Support at 812-855-4723 or

Guests with limited mobility: no prior arrangements required

Guests who have limited mobility, such as difficulty walking, going up and down ramps, or climbing stairs, including guests who use walkers or canes, will be accommodated on the day of the ceremony. You do not need to contact Commencement Accessibility Support to make prior arrangements.

Parking at Memorial Stadium

Accessible parking is available in a designated lot off 17th Street for guests with wheelchairs or with limited mobility. Arrive at Memorial Stadium no later than 8 a.m. and use gate 4 off 17th Street to enter the parking lot.

Guests with wheelchairs should contact Commencement Accessibility Support at to obtain a parking pass. Special parking passes are not required for guests with limited mobility.

Accessibility seating

Seating for guests with wheelchairs

Seating for guests who use wheelchairs is located in a designated section. Because the capacity of the wheelchair section is limited, in most cases, some members of the parties of those who use wheelchairs may be directed to other nearby seating. One chair will be available beside each wheelchair for one additional guest.

Wheelchair users must bring their own wheelchairs, with personal identification attached and prominently displayed. Contact Commencement Accessibility Support at to make arrangements for wheelchair seating at Commencement.

Seating for guests with limited mobility

Convenient special seating for guests with limited mobility will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Guests will not need to climb stairs or go up ramps to reach these sections, and they do not need to make arrangements prior to the ceremony.

As a general rule, parties must be complete before being seated. To accommodate everyone’s needs, large parties may be asked to separate, with some guests watching the ceremony from another seating area. Guests may not save seats at Commencement.

Closed captioning

Closed captioning will be provided. On request, ushers will direct guests with hearing impairments to designated seating.

Questions? We are committed to making Commencement a memorable day for you and your guests.

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