Undergraduate Ceremony

Spring ceremony for undergraduates

All IU 2020 Commencement ceremonies and recognition events have been postponed. Click here for information.


Determine your eligibility

If you have earned or will be earning any degree from IU Bloomington at any time during the 2020 calendar year, you are eligible to participate in an online Commencement ceremony that will be held on Saturday, December 19, at 5 p.m. EST. A link to the ceremony will be provided to you via both printed and email invitations during the fall 2020 semester. Graduates, we hope you and your family and friends will join us for this official occasion, at which your degree will be formally conferred.



Printed invitations for Commencement are mailed to permanent home addresses on file with the registrar about six weeks before the ceremonies (November in the fall, and March in the spring).

At the same time, emails are sent to all students informing them that the invitations have been sent to their homes. One of the best ways to make sure you receive all mailings is to apply for graduation.


7:30 a.m. Graduates report for lineup in John Mellencamp Pavilion, 1800 N. Dunn Street, in the building directly north of Memorial Stadium. During lineup, graduates are directed to their specific school locations, designated by bright red banners, to form the processions.

At this time, family and friends of graduates may enter the stadium, where uniformed ushers will help them find seats. Please wait until your party is complete before being seated. Saving seats is not allowed in Memorial Stadium.

8 a.m. Faculty should arrive at Mellencamp Pavillion by this time. 

8:45 a.m. School processions begin.

10 a.m. Main ceremony begins. The main ceremony includes the procession of the platform party, a Commencement speaker and student address, induction of the graduates into the IU Alumni Association, and the conferral of the degrees.

Where to sit

Decription of the following image:

Graduating students are seated on the field of Memorial Stadium, with their school or college. Student seating is as follows:

College of Arts and Sciences, first four sections on the east side of the field;
School of Art and Design, fifth section on the east side of the field;
School of Global and International Studies, sixth section on the east side of the field;
Media School, 7th section on the east side of the field;
Kelley School of Business, first three sections on the west side of the field;
School of Informatics and Computing, and School of Education, fourth section on the west side of the field;
School of Nursing and Jacobs School of Music, fifth section on the west side of the field;
School of Public and Environmental Health, and School of Optometry, sixth section on the west side of the field;
School of Social Work, and School of Public Health, seventh section on the west side of the field.

Wheelchair sections are on both the east and west sides of the field, as well as in front of the north end zone entrance.

Limited mobility sections are located on the landing on the east and west sides of the stadium. On the west side, it is between sections 4 and 12. On the east side, it is between sections 20 and 29.

General audience seating is located between sections 3 and 29, in the first two sections of rows around the stadium.

Seating map of Memorial Stadium

Guest seating

Guest seating is offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Ushers will be stationed throughout the building to direct all guests to the best possible seats.

Special seating is available for guests in wheelchairs and with limited mobility. Check ADA accommodations to learn more.

Graduate seating

Graduate seating is arranged by school and occupies the field in Memorial Stadium. Students do not line up alphabetically. They process through a number of doors, which means that a graduate may wind up anywhere within a school’s section.

Commencement day reminders: for graduates

  • Do not bring umbrellas, briefcases, or any other personal items, as they cannot be stored during Commencement.
  • Wear business or business-casual attire with comfortable—though formal—footwear.
  • Wait until you arrive at lineup to put on your cap and gown.
  • All degree candidates in attendance are expected to stay for the entire ceremony.
  • No alcoholic beverages are permitted at Commencement.

Commencement day reminders: for guests

  • Guest seating is offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Come early for the best seat.
  • Given the size of the Commencement audience, large parties are not allowed to save seats. Instead, we ask groups to gather outside and come in together, asking an usher to help find group seating.
  • Because of the large number of participating graduates, we are unable to introduce each graduate by name.
  • No alcoholic beverages are permitted at Commencement.
  • Guests may purchase flowers for their graduate at Commencement. However, if you would like to preorder flowers in your graduate's favorite colors, you may do so on the website of the Commencement Group, Inc.

Questions? We are committed to making Commencement a memorable day for you and your guests.

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